When the Path Reveals Itself. Follow it. My First Week in Bali

I've heard the words "I'm living vicariously through you" more than a handful of times in the last years and feel flattered that my journey perhaps entices people's inner "nomad" or "dream seeker" as mine seem to be alive and thriving these days. With the many accounts of "luck" or blessings my journey has provided me, most, if not all have been interjected with what I call "shambles" right alongside... the doubts, the fears, the heartache, the failures. My last months in Dubai I felt in much need of some regeneration and personal reflection. To reconnect with my own teachings and find a simpler way of life... Slowing down. Breathing. Nourishing. "Chilling Out" Connecting with nature... with people.  This to me is where I feel I support others the most. And this is where I find the most inspiration to create and find my own successes.

"That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains." - Steve Jobs.

 I had the option to go home to Canada. But something just felt too "comfortable" about going home just yet. And so... I pulled another one of my most spiritual mantras, called my "f*** it" cards and packed up my life's belongings in a suitcase and landed in Bali. I just believe that life can be whatever adventure you want it to be and the more you throw yourself out there, the more you really get to know the workings of this world... and the true magic it can reveal. 


Be Wary of Juicing Trends

The juicing industry is becoming one of rising popularity. Juice bars are popping up like coffee shops and people are jumping on “juice cleanses” like they’re the new burger joint in town. This may sound fantastic, but there are some significant dangers to watch out for. 


How Nutrition affects your Behavior and Mental Health

Dietary habits are shown to affect brain structure, influencing the body both chemically and physiologically. It is becoming clear that what you consume can lead to altered behavior: You are what you eat, so to speak. Look at the foods you and those around you eat and the corresponding behavioral patterns... what do you see?

Gary Johnston, a psychotherapist specializing in anxiety disorders for over 30 years, demonstrates the important role that nutrients play in mental and nervous system disorders.


Coaching Your Brain to Better Health

You cannot get healthy by "trying to be healthy", continuously bantering yourself that you "should eat better", reading articles and looking at healthy recipes and getting takeout anyways then being hard on yourself for your behavior. It creates an energetic disconnect from the health you are in fact seeking. The health that you in fact already are.


Why Sunflower Seeds Need to be Part of Your Spring

Spring is in the air and it’s time for renewed commitment to your health. Winter comfort food cravings start to subside and fresh, lighter foods are where it’s at. A perfect recipe to add to your mix is the sunflower “tuna” salad below. Perfect for topping on rice crackers, cucumber slices or lettuce wraps with the recommended goodies.


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