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Juicing Company!

Juicing cleanses are an incredible tool to give your digestive system a break while flooding the body with phytonutrients while allowing the immune system to kick in and "clean house". An excellent tool to shed excess weight, break sugar cravings (when juicing with low glycemic vegetables) and shift addictive behavior for a fresh start! Remember, juice cleansing should not be used as a "weight loss gimic". It is meant to kickstart or re-kickstart your path to health. For coaching through a juice cleanse, along with meal planning support to follow, please register for the next GET YOUR GLOW CHALLENGE or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for more information on private coaching. 

EDMONTON (Deliveries to Red Deer at special times):


Cold pressed, organic green juices in glass mason jars! Using top of the line juicers to maintain the highest quality of nutrition, Select a juice cleanse that is right for you at         

                    (DELIVERIES AVAILABLE!) 

TriPow Greens


My absolute favorite supplements for helping improve energy and mental clarity! When mixed with water, it's called “happy juice” by a dear friend’s little boy. Both chlorella and spirulina are truly food for the cells. Rich in chlorophyll, the biggest blood purifying substance on the planet. Known to cleanse out toxins and alkalizes the blood. Comes fresh from the Andes Mountains with no binders and fillers and brought to you by a local Edmonton company! I recommend for daily use, especially during juice feast cleansing regiments for maximum results. Want to feel better? Stock your pantry with this product. Check out 


An absolute MUST HAVE in the kitchen for speedy and healthy soups, smoothies and raw recipes. Pulverizes kale in a fruit smoothie so you don’t even know it is there. Blends up cashews for a raw strawberry cheesecake filling. Whole carrots and vegetables pulverized into a juice. This piece of equipment is where your health begins. CLICK ON SPECIAL DEALS TO GET YOUR REFURBISHED VITAMIX (THAT'S WHAT I USE! - CHEAPER AND JUST AS GOOD) TYPE IN 06-006650 TO RECEIVE YOUR DISCOUNT ON SHIPPING!
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Excalibur Dehydrator

An excellent tool to preserving natural foods! Make your own healthy snacks to store. Kale chips, raw bars, crackers or homemade banana chips. Unlimited possibilities. Purchase yours today and attend a seminar to learn delicious recipes to use in yours!


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GROCERY SHOPPING, SUPERFOOD SUPPLEMENTS: Purearth Organics                      NATUROPATHIC CLINICS: RED DEER WELLNESS CLINIC, ASPRIRE NATURAL MEDICINE                                                                                   YOGA: BREATHING ROOM RED DEER                                                                                                   CHIROPRACTIC CARE: DR. HOFFMAN CHIROPRACTIC